A Milford man has pleaded guilty to federal charges for a burglary last October where guns were stolen from a Bangor pawn shop.

Travis Stinson, 39, was charged with burglary and theft at a pawn shop located at 99 Center Street in Bangor where 16 firearms were stolen on Oct. 12 in the early morning hours. Stinson had talked another man, who has not yet been charged, into stealing the guns so they could be exchanged for drugs; that man was driven to a location near the store by Stinson, where the man broken in, stole the guns, then went back to Stinson, who drove them off.

Police knew Stinson from previous contact where he had worked as an informant, supplying information that stolen guns were being swapped for guns by out of state drug dealers, who in turn were selling guns to big city street gangs. Text messages implicated him in the burglary, and he was charged soon after.

Stinson, who had prvious firearm felony convictions from when he lived in Kentucky was charged with stealing firearms from a licensed firearms dealer and possessing firearms after having been convicted of a felony crimes.

Stinson pleaded guilty to both crimes last week in US District Court in Banfor. He faces a maximum of 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine on each charge. He will be sentenced at an as yet to be announced date.

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