The merits of a “yes” OneLA vote are both practical and ideological.

Practically speaking, uniting Lewiston and Auburn into one city would save money by eliminating duplication, have a stronger economic development program, attract more interest and people to the newly combined city and create a stronger presence at the state level. These anticipated outcomes are based on nearly a year of in-depth research, which was the result of talking to city officials and citizens of both cities, as well as crunching the numbers.

Ideologically, Lewiston-Auburn is more inclined to have a stronger, more viable and more visible presence in Maine when the cities consolidate and work together.

Change is neither simple nor easy; but it is inevitable and, when formulated with vision and collaboration, it is a powerful thing.

Whereas the opposing point of view is comfortable with the status quo and is afraid to move forward without guarantees, I say let’s, instead, build on the existing solid research and step forward boldly, with intention and purpose.

I believe that both cities will be much stronger united than they are separate.

Paula Marcus-Platz, Auburn

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