100 years ago, 1917
Children who are going on the Salvation Army picnic to Frost Park, Lisbon, Thursday, will meet at the Salvation headquarters, street at 8:45 in the morning. From there they will march to Union Square where three special cars will be waiting to take them on their outing. Each child must bring a drinking cup. The first trolley car to return from the park will leave there at 4:45 in the afternoon.

50 years ago, 1967
A weekly trip to Taber’s in Auburn has been planned by the Lewiston Recreation Department for boys and girls attending Lewiston’s playgrounds. The trip will be made every Thursday morning, starting this week. Youngsters will leave Lewiston Armory at 9:15 by bus and return to the Armory at 11:30. There is a small fee and participants will be able to play one game of Par-3 golf or one game of miniature golf and hit a bucket of driving balls.

25 years ago, 1992
Police in the Twin Cities say their new Chevrolet Caprices run just as well without hubcaps — they just don’t look as good. Officers aren’t exactly sure why their patrol cars keep losing the hubcaps —which cost from $70 to $90 new, and about half of that used — but they do know that it happens often enough to be annoying. According to Deputy Chief Maurice Bolduc, each of the dozen Lewiston cruisers has already had at least one set of complete replacements. “Unlike the ’92 models, the ’91 models all had plastic hubcaps with metal clips,” explained Bolduc. “They were just popping off like crazy so General Motors recalled all the ’91 hubcaps and replaced them with metal ones.” The 1992 models also have metal hubcaps, but the problem continues to plague police departments across the nation.

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