For three years, Matt Boutwell — Matty B to his friends — has been the voice of The Breakfast Club on Maine’s Big Z. From 5 a.m. to 10 a.m. every Monday through Friday, he’s the guy who wakes you up.  

On Saturday mornings from 8 to 9, he’s the guy who talks sports.

And the rest of the time? He’s the guy encouraging his four kids to root for the Yankees.

Name: Matty B (Matt Boutwell)

Age: 39

Married/single/relationship: Married


Town: Mechanic Falls

Job: Sports and program director for Gleason Media

What does a program director do? I try to do as little as possible, however it never ends up that way. Update music, program scheduling, internet stream maintenance, sports scheduling and staffing, sports site testing. I work real closely with George (Bulmer), our operations manager, on all of it.

How did you get into radio? I was a stay-at-home dad with my kids and writing, and a friend of mine suggested we start doing a podcast back in 2008. He had connections to a guy with a studio, and then it all kind of snowballed.

Best part about hosting a morning show? The amount of cool swag, food, etc. I get from guests.

Worst part? I am up with roosters and the sun every day when I want to be up late watching sports.


Have you ever started sneezing/coughing/hiccuping/swearing on live radio? I have not, but I have to tell you, this is like talking about a no-hitter in a baseball game while it’s in progress or talking about how fast the day is going by when you’re an hour from leaving. You’re jinxing it!

Ever want to do TV? Or become a YouTuber? You could totally be a YouTuber. I have a face (and beard) for radio. My kids would be the ones with the YouTube futures. My daughter, for example, enjoys opening baseball cards on video and acting disgusted when she gets a Red Sox card.

Your career has always involved sports in some way. Do you also play. . . something? Anything? The buttons on my remote control. I played baseball and basketball growing up, but now I just play music. On the radio. With a computer.

Best sport ever: Baseball, when it’s played with a good pace.

Worst sport ever: I don’t think there can be one. People compete in things all over the world and someone finds it interesting, even curling.

I hear you’re a Yankees fan. How is that possible? You seem like a good guy otherwise. My dad was a Yankees fan; he grew up in southwest Vermont and western Connecticut. I am working on my kids. . . so far, two out of four are making their late grandfather proud of their baseball team choices.

Any advice to would-be radio personalities? Listen to people. Figure out what you want to do. Learn how to write and produce content, written, verbal, video or otherwise. Most importantly: Be who you are and translate it in a way that people can relate.

Any advice to would-be Yankees fans? Know your team. Wear your gear. We live in a time where folks are supposed to be tolerant and inclusive, so you should not be bothered by anyone about your Yankees gear. Unless you’re like that Yankees fan on “Cheers” that Carla beat up. Don’t be that guy.

Matt Boutwell, or Matty B to his friends.

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