FARMINGTON — Franklin County commissioners voted Tuesday to accept three bids totaling $48,000 to remove wooden decks from three bridges and replace them with cement tops.

The three bids — the only ones received — were from Dirigo Timberlands Management of North Anson. The money will come from the Unorganized Territory Roads and Bridges Reserve Account.

The bid on the bridge on Reed Road in Salem Township was for $22,800. County Road Agent Jerry Haines is responsible for taking care of the old wood.

The other bids were $15,800 for the East Madrid Road bridge in Madrid Township and $9,400 for the bridge on Marcy’s Lane in Washington Township.

On the latter bridge, commissioners voted to replace the top and to have the owner sign a paper to discontinue the road to any county maintenance. 

Commissioner Terry Brann of Wilton said he spoke to the owner of the property on the lane and if the bridge were fixed, the person would sign off on it. 


Marcy Lane was one of the roads to be considered for discontinuance of winter maintenance.

County Clerk Julie Magoon said she believed the county would have to follow a legal process to discontinue the road as a county way. She will check with the county’s attorney to see if it is legal.

Following a public hearing on discontinuing winter maintenance on six roads, commissioners voted to close five for 10 years from November to April. They are:

• Huntington Road in Madrid Township, intersection of Reeds Mills Road and Huntington Road to end, 0.12 miles;

• Dodge Road in Madrid Township, intersection of Rangeley Road and Dodge Road to end, 0.04 miles;

• Schoolhouse Road in Madrid Township, intersection of Reeds Mills Road and Schoolhouse Road to end, 0.04 miles;


• Curtis Road in Freeman Township, from the intersection of Foster Hill Road, which is about 0.12 miles, and 

• Marcy’s Lane in Washington Township, from the intersection of Weld Road, about 0.04 miles, even though commissioners agreed earlier to discontinue it altogether.

Michael Greifendorf of the Rangeley area agreed to give the county an easement for a turnaround on Buzzell Road in Madrid Township to avoid having the county stop providing winter maintenance. He said he had hoped to avoid giving the county an easement for the turnaround but would give permission to create one. Magoon said an easement is required. There are seasonal properties on the road.

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