Here we go again — the governor can always be counted on to put his foot in his mouth. Some things in a safe, sane and cautious society must be regulated, that is what laws are for. I am sure that Gov. Paul LePage, regardless of being “tired of regulations” on society, did not realize his innocuous remark regarding the comparison of the maturity of 18 year olds by virtue of age being denied the ability to purchase cigarettes.

The right to vote, be required to fight and die for this country should never be compared to the death grasp of a known cancerous product. I am not sure, statistically speaking, of the dangers of dying in war compared to the clear and present and known dangers of lung, mouth and other cancers.

As far as the dangerous distracting effects of cellphone use while driving, LePage wants to wait for technology to catch up. Would he feel the same should a loved one’s life be snuffed out due to a phone call or a text?

There already are way too many distractions while driving. Why not regulate one that is known to be dangerous?

I wonder how much political lobbying is being done by the tobacco and wireless industries.

Thank goodness LePage’s time in office is limited.

Anthony Esposito, Auburn

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