Lewiston residents should think hard before they vote for mayor and city councilors. Lewiston is losing two of the better councilors it has had for the past couple years. The “yes” people are staying. Anyone watching the meetings will see.

A perfect example happened a couple weeks ago on the vote for the Louis Ouellette elderly housing project. Citizens from Ward 5 asked their councilor to vote no. They were ignored and the councilor voted yes. Even the mayor voted yes.

If I lived in Ward 5, that would tell me that fresh blood was needed.

Lewiston also needs a mayor who is for the citizens, not City Hall. City Hall is way overdue for a serious downsizing in management. Shame on Ed Barrett for asking for a raise because Auburn’s manager gets paid more. Shame on City Hall for charging inner city kids to use the pool. Just add a $1 pool tax to the rain tax. Lewiston wastes more money in one week than the cost to maintain the pool.

I hope the merger doesn’t pass. Auburn doesn’t need this mess.

Has anyone thought of converting Martel School into elderly housing. It is close to everything. It makes too much sense. City Hall thinks demolition is the answer. We can still change Lewiston’s name to “Boulderboro” — it fits.

Bob Pelletier, Lewiston

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