President Obama implanted the germ of entitlement for health insurance with the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). It was passed when the Democrats had a Senate and House majority for two years. No Republican voted for it. Except for Medicare and Medicaid recipients, it required people to buy an insurance product (unconstitutional?) or else be fined.

Congress had that 1,000-plus page bill for only three days and then was forced to vote on it. That was a ruthless, unethical power play by Democrats. It is obvious that many members didn’t know what the financial impact would be. Obamacare is now considered financially unsustainable.

The anti-Trump media has had a propaganda campaign to keep Obamacare, although admitting the law is flawed and needs correction. The American public is being brainwashed that the government should provide health insurance and individuals should have little expense or responsibility to do it for themselves. That is the Democrats’ path to the one-payer socialized system with its heavy tax burden..

Democrats show no concern about the unsustainable expense, particularly in view of the national debt of $20 trillion. They have not carefully looked at other countries that have the one-payer socialized medical system. They ignore their limitations, inadequacy and delays in care.

The answer is for lower prices from a free-market insurance competition across state lines. Society should assist fully or partially those who are unable to help themselves and wish to purchase specific health insurance protections.

Thomas Shields, Auburn

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