I think everyone can agree — Americans deserve to know the truth about Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election, if it was intended to benefit Donald Trump and if any of the Trump campaign staff cooperated in that effort. That is knowable information, through a competent thorough investigatory process.

However, since his appointment as special counsel, Robert Mueller, a Republican, who is charged with the investigation, has been under constant threat of dismissal by President Donald Trump.

If, Mueller is fired, lacking reasonable cause, as was FBI Director James Comey, it would seriously burden the country’s constitutional safeguards. It would undermine the transparency and accountability required in a functioning democracy, and it would expose this country to tyrannical rule — an ever present threat. One need only look at Venezuela and Turkey — recent examples of democracies under siege.

U.S. presidents must be held to the highest standards, subject to fair and independent review.

Another Nixon-style “Saturday night massacre,” with firings calculated to halt Mueller’s investigation, would create a constitutional crisis, posing a dire threat to the foundation of this democratic Republic.

Mueller’s investigation must continue. Elected officials must protect him against all unreasonable threats and actions and allow the process to be completed.

If Mueller is fired, expect hundreds of people to rally in Lewiston, demanding accountability in government.

We should remember Ben Franklin’s words, “You have a Republic, if you can keep it.” That is now being tested.

Patricia Fogg, Greene

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