OTISFIELD — Board of Selectmen Chairman Hal Ferguson said Tuesday that the board voted Aug. 2 to approve an ordinance prohibiting retail marijuana stores and social clubs in town.

Voters passed the ordinance in June, so the board’s vote was procedural, Ferguson said.

The board also held procedural votes approving amendments to the Board of Appeals and the town of Otisfield definition ordinances. The former involved phrasing; the latter applied to such items as job titles and ordinance terms.

“They were already approved by the people in at town meeting, but we had to sign to make it official,” Ferguson said.

An ordinance regulating the sizes and locations of signs was defeated by voters at the annual town meeting in June. It had been drafted by the Ordinance and Policy Review Committee and approved by the Planning Board.

“I’m not sure where the committee is at, in terms of working on it,” Ferguson said. “I know that they’re going to start meeting regularly again in the fall.”

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