A utility worker holds up a line on Route 2 while the former New Sharon Library is moved out of town Thursday. It will become an historic display, along with the Red Schoolhouse and blacksmith shop, at the Farmington fairgrounds. An off-duty state police trooper led the way for James G. Merry & Sons Building Movers of Scarborough, with power, phone and cable television workers watching lines over the 10-mile journey. James Merry, 84, who started the business when he was 15, drove the truck as his sons, who now own the business, worked alongside the truck.

The former New Sharon Library begins the move Thursday from the Route 2 site in New Sharon to the Farmington Fairgrounds.  An off-duty state police officer leads the procession while phone, power and cable television workers follow to hold up lines. A false facade was removed from the library to help avoid lines over the move. The library will be set up at the fairgrounds as part of a historical lane which includes a museum, schoolhouse and blacksmith shop. 

The former New Sharon Library was moved to Farmington Fairgrounds Thursday. Trustees of the Jim Ditzler Memorial Public Library sought grants for the move to preserve the small historic building. The property where it sat on Route 2 was sold to an adjacent neighbor. The former library will be set up as an historic display at the fairgrounds.

Building movers make the turn into Farmington Fairgrounds from High Street Thursday with the former New Sharon Library. The building will become an historic display at the fairgrounds. Some New Sharon residents followed to document the move with photos. 

Dust flew as the former New Sharon Library building traveled across the race track at Farmington Fairgrounds Thursday. The building will become part of an historic lane on the fairgrounds which includes a museum, schoohouse and blacksmith shop.

The former New Sharon Library building was moved to the Farmington Fairgrounds Thursday. A slab to the left of the Red Schoolhouse was previously prepared for the library.

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