After reading information available on the merger of Lewiston and Auburn and the many letters (pro and con) regarding it, I must admit that I realize now, more than ever, that no merger will ever change the image of either city.

Until there is new leadership, nothing will change. Lewiston needs individuals who will fight to make the area more accessible and appealing.

Lewiston is isolated here and comes across as a small town with no major road accesses needed for growth and development.

A number of years ago, we finally had a good shot at opening up Lewiston when Route 196 to Brunswick was expanded to four lanes. It made it inviting to people visiting the coast to continue into this area. However, the City Council quickly shot that down and it was back to a two-lane road.

Towns and cities that are booming and prospering are doing so because of accessibility. If in doubt, take a look at Portland, South Portland, Topsham and Brunswick.

Lewiston and Auburn merging will be costly to its citizens but achieve nothing else. People have always associated the two as the Twin Cities, so why is a merger needed? There will still be the same debt, same leadership, same politicians, same bad image and same small town mentality.

I challenge One LA to focus more on expanding and improving access to the area in order to attract more businesses, retailers, restaurants, etc.

Build it and they will come.

Jacqueline Smith, Lewiston

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