Coach: Kyle Rines (sixth season)

Conference: EWC Class: D South

Last year’s record: 10-4-1, lost in regional quarterfinals

Returning players: Seniors — Ethan Jackson (M), Zack Grover (D), Andrew Warren (D), Mason Barker (M), Tobias Worthley (M); Juniors — Noah Wiley (F), Corey Umsteadt (D), Cole Merrill (D), Dylan Harvey (F); Sophomores — Dan Perry (D), Brandon Donahue (D).

Key losses: Matt Beaucage (F), Jake Kraske (G), Jake Hackett (D), Mike Henderson (F), Simon Burch (D), Kyle Walters (F), Hunter Foss (F).

Promising newcomers: Senior — Dakota Waterman (M); Juniors — Jake Toomey (D), Hunter White (F); Sophomores — Victor Verrill (F), Caleb Chabe (M); Freshmen — Elijah Chasse (M), Rick Kraske (F), Max White (M), Keegan Jack (D), Sam Billings (M), Kaleb Harvey (F), Jared Lucas (M).

What to expect: The Bucks expect to be highly competitive this season in Class D South, a region they won just two years ago. Jackson, Grover and Warren will be looked upon to lead a group that has a fair share of young players. Rines said he has a tough schedule, but that should only prepare Buckfield for a Class D South tournament that could be led by Greenville and Richmond. Rines thinks his squad has all the tools to match those teams.

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