Crooks and thieves are ugly opportunists, and they’re leaping on the opportunity that is Harvey.

Earlier this week, Attorney General Janet Mills issued a warning about making online donations to hurricane victims because fraudulent websites have sprouted up to scam us. These crooks are only too happy to take the money you intend to give victims, stealing the vital help that the south so desperately needs.

Mills’ office issued a list of legitimate donor sites, and encouraged people to call her office if they’re not sure. So, before you donate anything, check to make sure it’ll go where intended.

Legitimate sites are:

The American Red Cross, or call 800-RED-CROSS

Americares, or call them at 800-486-HELP


United Way Worldwide, or call 703-836-7112

The Salvation Army, or call 800-SAL-ARMY

To help stranded pets, check Humane Society of the United States or call 866-720-2676.

And, if you’re still not sure, check with:

Maine Attorney General

Texas Attorney General


Federal Trade Commission

Or, call Maine’s Consumer Protection Division at 800-436-2131.

If you want to volunteer your time or talents, check with National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster.

Harvey has created enough victims. Don’t let Internet thieves create any more.

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