As a resident of Ward 5 in Lewiston, I could not be more appreciative that Kristen Cloutier is requesting a third term on the City Council.

Last term, she was elected council president, demonstrating the respect and appreciation earned from her peers.

One of her many strengths is excellent communication, including listening intently and responding with clarity and thought. At council meetings I have attended, Cloutier is always an active participant who adds value to the conversation by raising key discussion points and asking critical questions. Because she is vocal and values transparency, I have never been surprised by which way she votes. She has also been very responsive to my requests for information and action on topics that are of interest to me.

She also serves on several municipal committees where she demonstrates clear commitment to build the local economy and strengthen public health.

Kristen Cloutier has well-earned my vote.

Julia Harper, Lewiston

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