100 years ago, 1917
When Mme. Sarah Bernhardt comes to the Empire Theater in Lewiston tomorrow, she will appear in the afternoon in two acts of “Jeanne d’Arc.” In the evening she will be seen as Portia in the trial scene of “The Merchant of Venice,” and as Marguerite Gauthier in the famous death scene of “Camille.” Mme. Bernhardt will be supported by her company from her own theatre in Paris, including M. Jean Angelo as her leading man, while, in order that there may be no waits between the various acts, several other excellent artists have been engaged.

50 years ago, 1967
A local arborist made an impassioned plea Wednesday night for a well planned municipal program to govern the planting and proper care of Lewiston’s trees on both public and private property. Appearing at the regular meeting of the Lewiston Planning Board, Harvey J. Desgrosseillers, proprietor of Mount Apatite Tree Services, declared that unless immediate and comprehensive measures are taken to provide the city with an effective way of dealing with the Dutch elm disease problem. “We’ll lose 200 elm trees in the city this year,” Desgroseillers stated.

25 years ago, 1992
Memories of the violent shoe strike of 1937 came hurtling back as more than 200 residents watched a documentary Wednesday showing police officers striking women with their clubs and the National Guard patrolling Twin City streets for 17 days. Many in the audience who attended the first screening of “Roughing the Uppers: The Great Shoe Strike of 1937” at Bates College had been involved in the shoe strike and some were interviewed for the documentary. Gerome Feinstein, who managed Koss Shoe Co. at the time of the strike, said, “It left out the freshness of the CIO (Congress of Industrial Organization). They were new and they were rough and tough, which is the reason they lost out,” said Feinstein. The strike ended, but six factories never reopened.

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