What do folks think about the Lewiston Auburn merger? Some say a lot of residents are against the merger.

The poll that will count will be the vote in November, but for those interested, there are some facts.

In 1996, LA Together did a scientific poll. Folks on both sides of the river said “yes” to consolidation by a margin of two-to-one; 40 percent favored merger.

In 2007, The Lewiston-Auburn Commission on Joint Services did another scientific poll. A healthy majority favored almost any consolidation of service, in a range of 54 percent to 70 percent, depending on the service.

Those commissions (and yet a third in 2009) recommended what the citizens wanted — more cooperation. The city councils ignored them.

I believe that most people favor doing things together. A small group of past, present and would-be city councilors does not.

In November, each of them will get one vote, like everyone else.

Peter Garcia, Auburn

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