I write to enthusiastically support Renee Courtemanche for the Lewiston School Committee representing Ward 1.

Ward 1has been represented by a strong advocate for the past three terms and continued representation by a parent is vitally important to ensuring success of Lewiston public schools. Courtemanche has been actively involved in the Geiger PTO for numerous years. She has witnessed the staff turnover first-hand and seeks to create higher morale for teachers in the district. She understands that people don’t leave jobs, they leave people.

Courtemanche has attended committee meetings and is well aware of the challenges facing Lewiston’s schools. She is no stranger to challenges, as she spends her days as an oncology nurse assisting patients facing some of life’s hardest challenges.

She is a life-long Lewiston resident and I hope others will join me in supporting Renee Courtemanche to make Lewiston’s public schools the best they can be.

Benjamin Martin, Lewiston

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