Obamacare became law seven years ago and was sold with false promises, i.e., keep your doctor, annual savings, keep your insurance, more affordable, etc. It contained several thousand pages of regulations the Democrats assured us they read before voting for it.


Since then, deductibles have increased significantly, individual market premiums continue to increase, state run exchanges are failing and it is obvious that Obamacare cannot be sustained without significant change. The Democrats nor any independent have done anything to fix the problems.

During the same period, the Republicans campaigned on repealing and replacing Obamacare, but offered no acceptable plan. When they got control of Congress, they did not have a workable bill ready, then hurriedly pieced together a poorly conceived bill that was as equally flawed as Obamacare.

Is single-payer, taxpayer provided health insurance the solution? What would it cost? How will it be paid for (assume increased taxes and more national debt)? Who will write the law (please not the same Democrats/Republicans who got us into this mess)? What spending would Congress give up to fund government-provided health care, and what federal agency could possibly efficiently run such a program?

Perhaps we should turn over management of our health care to Amazon.

Democrats/Republicans/independents must stop the finger pointing, blathering and immature political bickering and work together to give us a workable health care system.

Voters are equally responsible for the failure of Congress by re-electing the same career politicians and expecting different results.

James Thompson, Lisbon