100 years ago, 1917
The Salvation Army from Lewiston will have a service in the Free Baptist church on Friday night. They will be accompanied by Staff Captain Garabed, or more familiarly known as “Joe the Turk.” Joe is a very interesting character. He dresses in full Turkish costume, plays a double-jointed cornet, clarinet, saxophone and turkish drum. He has been connected with the Salvation Army for over 13 years. He has been put in prison 62 times for Jesus’ sake; one of that number was at Lewiston some years ago.

50 years ago, 1967
(Photo Caption) This photo shows part of the dam and work area on the East Auburn causeway where crews from the State Highway Commission are engaged in widening the bridge under which the lake flows into its outlet. The dam was constructed by dumping tons of earth into the lake to stop the flow of water. Behind this earthen wall, workmen are busy constructing footers and foundations for the enlarged bridge which will carry a four-lane highway past the lake. The project is part of the reconstruction of Rt. 4 from East Auburn to the Auburn-Turner line.

25 years ago, 1992
Stone & Webster engineers and scientists have been making trips to Auburn to test and design the site they plan to use for the $50 million paper recycling and de-inking plant. Edmund Nichols, one of the principals of Virgin Pulp Substitute partnership, the developers of the plant, said work has started on the permitting process. “We’re doing survey work — looking at drainage, soils, checking for bedrock,” Nichols said. “We want to make sure no hazardous materials exist there. And we will also check for prehistoric cultures to make sure we’re not interfering with anything.” The scientists will also assess wildlife and plant life. Then engineers will assess the 109-acre lot on Lewiston Junction Road to determine the best location for the plant. Although only 10 to 12 acres are needed, Nichols said the parcel won’t be broken up until the plant is constructed to allow for flexibility.

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