AUBURN — There’s been no sign of a snake from China that escaped last week from the former Pioneer Plastics facility, Maine Warden Service spokesman Cpl. John MacDonald said Monday.

Panolam Surface Systems on Pionite Road hasn’t contacted the Maine Warden Service since early Thursday when a worker opened an exterior bag of a shipping crate from China.

“They would have contacted us if they found anything,” MacDonald said.

With cold temperatures overnight recently, “there’s a slim chance this thing is still alive,” MacDonald said.

“It is warm in that facility, but it wouldn’t find food,” MacDonald said. “It’s probably dead by now.”

Maine Animal Welfare Director Liam Hughes agreed Maine weather may not be good for the snake, but “the animal could get lucky” and survive the cold or find a warm spot, he said.

“We have snakes that live in Maine year-round,” Hughes said.

It’s hard to predict unless more is known about what kind of snake it is, he said.

The snake was described as about 2 inches round, 20 inches long, green with yellow eyes.

An expert in Massachusetts told the Maine Warden Service a snake fitting that description could run the gamut from a dangerous viper to a harmless vine snake.

“We just don’t know,” MacDonald said.

Auburn Police Department Lt. Anthony Harrington said they have no word on snake sightings since the call came in last week.

If anyone sees a snake fitting that description, officials recommend staying away from it and alerting law enforcement.

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