Why do we have so much trouble recognizing radical religious extremism when its skin is white and it totes a Bible?

What is the difference between Roy Moore, the former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice who is now the Republican candidate for Jeff Sessions’ seat in the Senate, and radical Islamic extremists? Power in the hands of either will lead to pain, suffering and deaths of women, discrimination against LGBT people, and bigotry masquerading as morality in government.

The nation’s founders took great care not to establish a “Christian nation,” but rather a secular state embracing religious tolerance and pluralism. If we abandon those principles, we open the door to religious extremism which, sadly, can arise from any religion, including both Christianity and Islam.

If we are going to use labels, let’s be consistent. Let’s call radical religious extremism when we see it, regardless of denomination, deity, race or nation.

Seri Lowell, Buckfield

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