My wife’s uncle passed away recently. We were never really close but had many arguments (er … discussions) through the years. Some centered on history but most were political in nature.

Whenever I would argue my point of view, it always invariably came back to one question from him: “What are your sources to make your case”? So I would list many media sources (including the Sun Journal) but that never seemed to satisfy him. He always responded that I had to look deeper, find more sources, list more websites to investigate to make “your point of view.”

I did tell him that once in a while I watch Fox News just for the “pure entertainment value,” but he was not impressed with that, either.

I finally gave in and decided to do more research and try out some of the websites he mentioned. It was very difficult on my brain and I realized I just could not handle that much information. It is much easier for me to read the news on Facebook and Twitter and I don’t really care if I am uninformed because of it. After all, it can’t be that bad for me since it is the preferred means of communication by the president?

I have given up and only one question is left unanswered: Did Uncle John win, or did I lose?

Yvon Bourgault, Jay

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