LEWISTON — As the Dempsey Challenge gets underway, police and city officials have safety in mind.

With the horrors of Las Vegas still fresh in everyone’s thoughts, police say the officers patrolling the local event will be on the lookout for any kind of problems.

“The officers will remain vigilant and observant during their detail,” said Lewiston Deputy Police Chief Adam Higgins. “The Vegas tragedy is a recent reminder of why officers and civilians cannot get complacent while attending functions with large crowds of people.”

Police and city officials did not say whether extra measures would be put in place.

Around the country, organizers of music festivals, sporting events, fairs, marathons and other public activities have been scrambling to implement extra safety measures in the wake of the Vegas massacre.

Patrick Dempsey, right, applauds a group of supporters cheering for him and a long line of cancer survivors in a parade he was leading around Simard-Payne Memorial Park in Lewiston during the 2016 Dempsey Challenge.

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