“Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.” — Albert Einstein

During the merger conversations, when shared services are discussed, I often hear “we can do those things without merging.”

I argue we can’t or we would.

If we want to solve challenges at a different level, we need to think differently. By merging, we will rid ourselves of the political battles of will that have slowed or stopped collaborative efforts. We must think differently.

I hear statements of fear like “I don’t want to live in the same city as “those people” across the river.” Really? We already live in the same community. We shop, dine and work in both sides of the river. We enjoy recreation, arts and culture in both cities. We are one community. We should act like that and take advantage of the power that will be afforded as one city.

A group of business leaders who live and work in this community and have run successful businesses believe this is possible, and necessary, for economic, financial and social success. They are bright people with years of experience in this community. They are not the elite; they are our neighbors, our friends, our leaders. I trust them and the information they have provided us.

I know this is the right thing. I see the possibilities. I see a future that holds more than what can be done as two separate cities.

I will vote “yes” on the merger.

Mary Kozicki LaFontaine, Auburn

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