DEAR SUN SPOTS: I sure hope you can help me. On Sept. 20, I was in downtown Lewiston and lost my Seiko watch in the vicinity of the Sun Journal building, the library and City Hall. Perhaps a kind, honest person found it. If so, please call me at 782-0477. Many thanks for all the various information and the help gained through your column which I read and enjoy every day.

— Joline, Lewiston

ANSWER: Joline, I sincerely hope you and your watch are quickly reunited. Please let us know when it is returned to you. My fingers are crossed!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: In Sun Spots on Thursday, Sept. 21, a woman was looking for a place to donate books. I would encourage her to consider donating them to the Maine Correctional Center. Thank you.

— Elizabeth, Windham

ANSWER: I wrote to Kaitlyn Labrozzi, librarian at Maine Correctional Center, and here’s what she had to say: “The MCC library will always accept book donations. We will take hardcover or softcover books, both fiction and nonfiction, in any condition. The MCC library has to supply three branch libraries for the facility, and book donations truly go a long way here. Please consider us as a viable option for book donations. The local libraries have been fantastic about donating to us, but I think most people view their local libraries or Goodwill as the only options.”

People can drop off their books at the Maine Correctional Center at 17 Mallison Falls Road in Windham. The warehouse is at the first parking lot entrance when you turn left onto Mallison Falls Road from River Road. It’s the first building on the left across from the Maine State Society for the Protection of Animals. The first door in that building is for the MCC’s furniture storeroom, the second door is for the warehouse where books should be dropped off. June Jacobson is the warehouse supervisor.

If the facility receives mass amounts of books, then staff may have to schedule the book drop-offs according to the amount of space available.

People interested in donating books to Maine Correctional Center can email Kaitlyn at [email protected] with any questions or concerns and best times for delivery, especially if you have a large number of books to donate. Kaitlyn added, “It’s always nice when I have the opportunity to thank the people who have donated their books, and thank you very much, Sun Spots, for following up on Elizabeth’s note. We truly appreciate all the book donations we receive!”

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Our Lady of the Rosary Church has the following items to give away. They just need to be picked up. We have a Toshiba printer model 3220 that works fine, two older organs (working condition unknown), and several older TV sets (condition unknown). Anyone interested may call the office on Tuesday or Thursday mornings at 375-6951. Thanks!

— Dorothy, no town

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