I am voting for Shane Bouchard to be Lewiston’s next mayor.

We live in turbulent times. Lewiston is in the midst of those times. Sharp ideological differences exist as to how to navigate them and which course to follow.

This is not a time to pretend challenges don’t exist. This is not a time to believe solutions can be found by compromising with ideologies that have failed. The problems facing Lewiston residents will require hard work and honest conversations.

I have seen Bouchard do the hard work while advocating for the best interests of Lewiston residents — protecting property rights, fighting to keep taxes low and trying to keep municipal government efficient.

Bouchard also understands the negative effects of state and national policy on local government. He will face the tough issues and take the hard stands, without the labels, cliches and empty platitudes.

Lewiston needs Bouchard in the mayor’s office.

Tim Lajoie, Lewiston

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