All this First Amendment brouhaha about professional and non-professional sports players kneeling, standing with hand on heart, has me wondering. Will genuflecting, making the sign of the Cross, removing hats, wearing an ash mark on one’s forehead, pinning a colored ribbon on clothing, flying the rainbow and U.S flag, pointing up to the sky in thankful reverence to God and, of course, verbally thanking God — are those actions next and subject to angry discourse?

What is one to do? As a U.S. Vietnam veteran of this good nation, I had the opportunity to serve with other men and women, and their-actions/beliefs puzzled me. But I was taught and learned tolerance.

Understanding differing points of view and having compassion for other views should be part and parcel of free lives. Is not complying with something a reason to get all riled up? Honestly, as I read and view this turmoil, I expect heart-attacks to follow.

As a member U.S. society, I am thankful for the freedom to do or not do things. Are we so arrogant that we forget about a good portion of the world’s (starving, thirsty, homeless and nationless) population who, in severe fear of punishment, sit in idle confusion of what they can and cannot do?

Anthony Esposito, Auburn

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