I served four years on the Lewiston City Council with Mark Cayer. We did not always agree with each other but, because of his willingness to listen and find common ground, we usually found a solution.

Cayer values everyone’s opinions. I came to realize the importance of compromise because of him. Because of his leadership style, much was accomplished by our council.

It was obvious to me that Cayer served for one reason and that was to serve the citizens of Lewiston. It was never about special interest groups or party politics.

I still talk with him regularly, and our conversations almost always revolve around Lewiston. I have read his economic development plan and I am excited for the future of Lewiston under his leadership.

I know from personal experience that Cayer is the only choice for Lewiston. I hope others will join me in supporting Mark Cayer for mayor.

Donnie D’Auteuil, Lewiston

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