Just to recap: Gov. Paul LePage won his last election with 48 percent of the vote, totaling 294,533 votes. However, the ranked-choice voting proposition received 52 percent of the vote, with 388,273 votes. The people of Maine have spoken more clearly than ever.

The state’s elected representatives have their instructions. The state’s Supreme Court has not “ruled” on the constitutionality of ranked-choice voting. That can be done only when a case is actually before it. The Justices have rendered their opinions, but until the law is enacted and a challenge in court made, it is not a ruling.

In the meantime, the Maine Legislature has the opportunity to correct the wording of the state Constitution or to enact those portions of the law that have no constitutional ambiguity.

Let the people’s will be honored. Don’t make a joke out of the people’s right to vote.

William Phillips, Auburn

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