There is no “fear of change,” as indicated by Gene Geiger, regarding those opposed to change. He simply tries to paint those opposed as irrational and living in the past. Sadly, he and others have torn this community apart with their negative remarks about teachers, the community and the cities’ leadership. To say we are “two dying mill towns” is an insult to anyone who lives or works here.

I have spent significant time and energy disputing the claims and illusions presented by the pro-merger forces and to remind people to know the entire issue. The numbers given on savings are estimates only and do not paint the entire picture. I simply point out that there would be costs offsetting any savings claimed. Their own words tell me they want to save money to spend it elsewhere, which eliminates any tax savings anyone might hope for.

Even if folks believe only one side’s claims of savings and a better world, people must understand that there is not one forecast predicted that they can guarantee. The decisions on spending and economic development, ward or district lines will be decided by others — in most cases a new mayor and council — and not by a small group of elite citizens who are making promises they cannot keep.

Residents need to do the research, ask questions, including the most important one — is there anything promised by merging that cannot occur without a merger.

Robert Reed, Lewiston

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