I write in support of Mark Cayer for mayor of Lewiston.

I like to refer to myself as a liberal Republican, or a Republicrat. There are some Democratic ideas I like and there are Republican ideas I like. What I don’t like is how Republicans and Democrats go at one another to push their agendas. It’s not civil. It’s not professional and oftentimes turns discussions into heated arguments.

Lewiston deserves better than that.

The only non-polarizing candidate I have seen and support is Mark Cayer. He has served the community in several different capacities through the years and has served as a member of the City Council.

Cayer is an independent; he is not beholding to any special groups or political party. He has one goal and that is to do the best job he can for the citizens of Lewiston.

I will vote for Mark Cayer.

John Reeder, Lewiston

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