Ben Chin is the mayoral candidate who has created a plan to make Lewiston a better city. His plan will fight the drug epidemic by making sure that no one would wait more than a week for treatment.

Instead of traditional welfare, the Rebuild Lewiston Job Corp project will offer citizens public work in exchange for public assistance. Examples of such projects are the weatherization of senior homes, cooking meals for the Meals on Wheels program and snow removal for small downtown businesses.

Chin’s plan also offers a $250 property tax assistance for seniors 75 and older and exemption from the rain tax for single-family homes and duplexes. The beauty of his plan is that none of them requires an increase in Lewiston’s property taxes.

His ideas and commitment to the city will make Lewiston a better place to live. That is why I support Ben Chin for mayor.

David Projansky, Lewiston

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