Robert Hayes


Name: Bob Hayes

Office sought: Auburn City Council, Ward 2

Occupation: retired, formerly a local small business proprietor/manager

Education: Auburn schools, followed by college


Family: married to Bonnie, and now enjoy the grandkids, belonging to daughter, Gretchen, and son, Ben.

Political experience: Planning Board member for 10 years, City Councilor for 11 years.


1. Why do you think you’re the most qualified, or best candidate for this seat? 

Long time participatory resident, having served on the Planning Board for 10 years and on the City Council for 11 years.

2. What do you believe is the biggest issue facing your city? Why? 


Continual and respectful inter- and intra-communications, because only through such will there be growth and well-being for the entire local community.

3. What do you like about the city budget passed this year, and what don’t you like?

Pleased that the total city budget, municipal and school, was discussed thoroughly and passed.

4. What is the best way for your city to boost economic development and its attraction to people from outside the region? 

Promote high standards for both educational facilities and academic studies/vocational training, while communicating locally and regionally in support of economic and cultural activity throughout the total local community.

5. Do you support the merger of Lewiston and Auburn?

As a councilman, I will accept the vote of the public, recognizing that with or without a merger, Auburn, Lewiston and some surrounding towns are truly one community and all must work together and support one another.

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