Alicia Rea


Name: Alicia Rea

Office sought: Lewiston City Council, Ward 3

Occupation: Assistant director of Annual Giving

Education: Bachelor of Arts from Connecticut College in 2012, Bachelor of Science from Husson University, 2014, master’s in public administration and policy degree from American University, expected in May 2018.


Family: Single

Political experience: Campaign volunteer


1. Why do you think you’re the most qualified, or best candidate for this seat?

As a young professional who is invested in this community, I think I will bring a voice for attracting and retaining citizens to the area. In addition to this, my coursework in public policy will be an asset in translating the needs of my community to City Hall. 

2. What do you believe is the biggest issue facing your city? Why?


Education funding is a serious issue facing Lewiston. Without funding from the state for our schools, Lewiston will continue to have low graduation rates and lack the tools for economic development that come from fully funded schools and programs. 

3. What do you like about the city budget passed this year, and what don’t you like?

The city budget passed in 2017 made efforts to represent our areas of highest need. However, with questions about state funding unanswered at the time of the vote, it was difficult to predict the impact of the choices made. I was pleased to see additional investment in the Lewiston Public Library.

4. What is the best way for your city to boost economic development and its attraction to people from outside the region? 

Education is the ultimate tool for boosting economic development. By investing in our schools and further development of the arts curriculum, as well as trade skills, Lewiston can educate the next workforce. Additionally, these investments will attract young families to the area, continuing to build our local economy and add to the diversity of our city.

5. Do you support the merger of Lewiston and Auburn?

I will be voting in support of the merger of Lewiston and Auburn.

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