Whether it was banding with local businesses, negotiating with the firefighters’ union or locking arms with local property owners, Shane Bouchard has consistently represented the voice of the people.

When city administration wanted to change outer Sabattus Street from  two lanes to one lane, Bouchard led the charge for the business owners that would be most affected.

When city administration wanted to change the zoning in a neighborhood, he was originally supportive. However, once the voice of the people most affected was heard, he locked arms with the neighborhood and fought to ensure a large housing complex was not built in their backyard. What better example of listening to those most affected??

Bouchard was also an integral part in a more than three-year-long process of negotiations with the firefighters’ union, gaining their endorsement.

I hope others will join me in voting for Shane Bouchard for mayor of Lewiston.

Benjamin Martin, Lewiston

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