Adam Lee will restore trust and transparency to Auburn City Hall.

As councilor, he demonstrated his ability to remain calm, fair and deliberative, skills necessary for him to follow through on his pledge to ensure that all councilors and the public are provided the opportunity to debate and deliberate ideas.

I was happy to read his four-point plan to create transparency and invite public input into the process. Condensed:

• Open the “open sessions” — allow the public to direct questions to the chair to be answered by the chair, councilors, or staff.

• Limit executive sessions — watch for overuse; ensure that sessions remain limited to the motion.

• Provide report-outs — ensure Auburn reports out executive session materials and decisions.

• Eliminate e-mail deliberation — deliberating via email is inappropriate and will cease. As mayor, Lee would declare such meetings unlawful.

I was proud to vote for Adam Lee as mayor of Auburn.

Edward Desgrosseilliers, Auburn

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