In the upcoming election, Auburn has some clear choices to make. Auburn will cease to exist if consolidated with Lewiston. Not only will the city of Auburn be erased from existence, its neighborhood schools such as East Auburn Elementary will almost certainly be eradicated in favor of Lewiston’s big box school way of doing things.

A “no” on consolidation will maintain Auburn’s independence.

In order to ensure the consolidation question or “merger” doesn’t raise its ugly head again, the choice is also clear on whom to vote for to be Auburn’s next mayor and not its last — Jason Levesque.

Not only is Levesque solidly against the merger while his opponent is in favor, he has pledged to ensure the merger question doesn’t continue to linger for generations to come.

The choices are clear: “No” on consolidation and “yes” for Jason Levesque for mayor of Auburn.

Matt Leonard, Auburn

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