Does money always make a difference? Teaches in SAD 52 are unhappy with their current wages, pointing out they could make more in surrounding towns. I think the taxpayers in the three towns that support SAD 52 need a break on their taxes.

Being part of the town of Greene Budget Committee for 27 years, as a member, I always feared the increases from the school department and what it will do to increase the local tax rate. The taxpayers in Greene denounce the school budget at the polls every year but the other two towns manage to pass the overwhelming budget.

Are our teaches doing less because of lack of wages? The test scores results indicate that the high school is less proficient than state averages.

Could the teacher who complained at the recent teachers’ meeting about her paycheck produce a better student?

Lack of performance is always blamed on money. If that is the case, how did we produce such scholars in the past from one-room schoolhouses?

Everyone would love more financial security and great medical insurances in life, but at what cost to neighbors and community?

Steven Goulet, Greene

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