Lewiston City Council

Tuesday, Dec. 5

Employee recognized

What happened: Mayor Bob Macdonald recognized Elaine Bracket, deputy director of Social Services on Tuesday.

What it means: Macdonald said Bracket has been “instrumental” in the growth of the city’s workfare program over the past few years. He said local employment agencies are now reaching out to the city department, which placed 58 people in new jobs between July and October of this year. 

Macdonald, whose tenure of three terms ends at the end of the year, also thanked a number of other city employees, including Social Services Director Sue Charron. He said, “Without them, I would’ve had a hard time.” 

Smoking prohibited in hospital areas

What happened: The City Council approved an ordinance prohibiting smoking in designated hospital areas after receiving a request from St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center.

What it means: The ordinance will designate a section of Campus Avenue from Sabattus Street to Central Street as no-smoking in support of the hospital’s efforts to have the entire St. Mary’s campus a no-smoking area.

New union contracts 

What happened: The City Council approved new collective bargaining agreements with the Lewiston General Government Unit and the Professional Technical Unit, and made similar contract adjustments for its nonunion employees.

What it means: The city approved the new contract agreements, which include items such as a standard cost-of-living adjustment for next year, with the two unions after annual negotiations. 

What’s next: A third contract, for Lewiston’s Public Works employees was tabled. City Administrator Ed Barrett said there is a “glitch we are working through” before the contract can be approved.

Planning Board vacancy

What happened: City Clerk Kathy Montejo brought up the issue of a vacancy on the Planning Board and initiated a council discussion on how the vacancy should be filled.

What it means: Mayor Macdonald said he would not make any more appointments as mayor, given that his term ends at the end of the month. Montejo said either the current City Council can make the appointment, or it can be made by the new mayor, Ben Chin or Shane Bouchard, to be chosen in a runoff election Dec. 12. Most councilors said they would like the new mayor to be responsible for the appointment. 

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