Recently, I have been reading an outpouring of support for Ben Chin. As an ardent supporter of the First Amendment, I appreciate the spirited debate the mayoral race has created, but I wish to make it a debate. Not one-sided, as can be distorted by mainstream media.

While away, I have kept abreast on local politics. Shane Bouchard lives his slogan — People over Politics — the people that made and are Lewiston. Not tainted by outside interests, he is also a successful local business owner. I trust his knowledge of how to grow small business in the economic demographic. His City Council experience has provided him with the foundation to improve what is working and to correct what hasn’t.

Bouchard displays his love for city and people without division into “partisans” and “dissenters.” Through his experience and traditional Lewiston values, Lewiston can move toward progress through unity.

Mike Bouley, Greene

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