DEAR SUN SPOTS: I’m sending a picture of a U.S. Cellular ribbed shell/holster combo for an LG Freedom II cellphone. If anyone has a holster exactly like this one, I’d like to see it and I’d be willing to pay a reasonable price for it. It needs to be exactly like the picture. I’d be very grateful to the person who might have upgraded their phone and no longer needs this holster. I lost mine a few months ago and have had no luck with the phone companies in finding a new one. Thank you for any help you will be able to provide.

— No name, No town

ANSWER: I did double-check with U.S. Cellular and this holster is no longer available. I really hope one of our readers has one stashed away just for you!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: About two months ago a newspaper insert advertised a new rug cleaning method that dries quicker. I’ve lost the contact information.

Thank you so much for all the help you provide.

— No name, no town

ANSWER: I’m not 100 percent sure but I believe it was Green Living Floor Care. They use a “low-moisture encapsulated system” and no toxic chemicals for carpet cleaning. Their phone number is 212-5500. They are in the L-A area, as are these other carpet cleaning businesses: Collins Carpet Cleaning: 783-2933, Pat’s Carpet Cleaning: 786-2039, Jackie’s Cleaning & Maintenance: 784-0632, Servpro: 783-2500, Service Master: 539-4452, and Rose’s Cleaning: 786-4052. I want to give everyone plenty of choices. Please add your recommendations to the list!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Near the end of summer, I noticed a carpet of green, immature pinecones underneath the trees — something I cannot remember seeing before.

Now I see a huge number of extra-large beautiful cones on the ground. This must be the year of the pine cones! I wonder, are they so large because of good weather or because they were thinned earlier, kind of like the fruit farmers removing the excess fruit for a better crop?

— Martina, Jay

ANSWER: Here’s the answer to the first part of Martina’s pine cone question that I promised the other day. My understanding of the plethora of pine cones this year is that in the summer of 2016 we had a drought which caused ALL the trees to stress out and react by producing more seeds, nuts and fruits than normal. Summer 2017 was rainier, supporting these pine cones to reach maturity. The trees had so many pine cones that some of them naturally dropped off while they were still green.

Nothing is wrong. You’re just seeing Mother Nature doing her thing. All the pine trees are just reacting to weather patterns. Add the October windstorm and yes, there are pine cones everywhere.

On Thanksgiving Day, my grandsons collected hundreds of cones to use for fire starters. Once the snow starts to fly we’ll slather some with peanut butter, roll them in seeds and hang them out for the birds who have been used to eating very well over the summer and fall! We also use pine cones for various art projects. Have you ever really studied a pine cone? They are a work of art all by themselves!

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