Maine Housing Equity Fund 1998 LP, Portland, to CEI Housing, Brunswick, property at 38 Coburn drive, $683,600.

Property Development Services, Cape Elizabeth, to Blake, Peter and Nona Jennings, Orono, property at 12 Charles Street, $180,000.

Thomas Vanidestine Sr. and Jr., Bangor, to Kevin Blain, Brewer, property at 148 College Avenue, $122,500.

Midfirst Bank, Oklahoma City, OK, to Midfirst Bank, Oklahoma City, OK, property at 75 Pine Street, $49,580.

Preservation Ross LLC, Bath, to Penobscot Valley LLC, Orono, property at 366 Main Street, lots 6, 7 and 11.

Beverly Richards and Cheryl Price, trustees, Bangor to David and Wanda Mitchell, Orono, property at 2302 Essex Street, $65,000.

Robert Garnett Jr., Bangor, to John Andrews, Glenburn, property at 165AA Landing Road, $41,000.

Maine Central Railroad Company, South Portland, to Lane Construction Corporation, Cheshire, CT, property on Brook Street, $10,000.

Reed Heyne, McKinney, TX, to Keith Larrabee and lindsey Barton, Orono, property at 29 Merritt Drive, $226,154.

Kelly and Shalece Fiack, Orono, to Jennifer Ireland and Jane Brann, Bangor, property at 2264 Essex Street, $167,000.

Daniel and Alexandra Weaver, Orono, to Florence and Stephen Cousineau, Orono, property at 446 Main Street, $160,000.

Remi Gratacap, Edinburg, Scotland, to Alison and Philip Woodard, Milo, property at 144 Forest Avenue, $131,500

Andrew Gavett, Exeter, to Ryan and Jessica Witham, Orono, property at 161 Forest Avenue, $155,000.

Rick Holmes, Orono, to John and Laney Lloyd, Ludlow, property at 382 College Avenue, $175,000.