The word “Trumpian” is now in our lexicon, whether we like it or not. For little more than a year, we continue to hear the president use campaign phrases when speaking through Twitter or in person.

It is easy to predict his simpleton vocabulary, and one can complete his sentences without effort because he makes no effort.

Everything is going to be “bigger, better and more fantastic than ever before.” He shows his limited empathy by using the word “special,” evident in addressing people and things that he appears to care less about. “Very nice things” are constantly said about him by world leaders and others whom he deems special.

It was sadly horrific when he used that word while trying to honor World War II Native American code encryptors. As usual, he looked and sounded ridiculous. He has redefined the word “fake,” using it in describing the press and those who do not share his beliefs.

Not in my wildest dreams would I have believed that I would be so embarrassed for and by the president of the United States. Unfortunately, we will continue to be assaulted by his meaningless phrases and terms that make no sense, whatever the context. It is clear that he will not like the word “impeachment,” but as I close my eyes and think of a word he would use with it, “fake” comes to mind, while the word “special” may not. But “special” does describe the inevitability.

Talk about embarrassing.

Anthony Esposito, Auburn

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