YMCA of Auburn-Lewiston

Biddy Basketball Results

November 18th-19 th , 2017

Junior Division

DuBois Realty 40, KDL Construction 32

DuBois: Tristan Kramarz led scoring with 18 points, followed by Spencer Louese with 10, Brady Kilby with four, Chase Scammon with four, Harmony Urquhart with two, and Violet Vincent with two. Tess Robbins led KDL with 16 points, followed by Connor Irish with eight, Issac Breau with four, Ethan Guptill with two, and Arsene Makelele with two.

Ben Alpren 41, Hammond Lumber 28

Samuel Brooker led Ben Alpren with 15 points, followed closely by Olivia Veilleux with 13, Keegan Olcott with six, Carson Veilleux with three, AJ Ciriello with two, and Kade Masselli with two. Diing Akol led Hammond Lumber with 13 points, followed by Saphryn Humason-Fulgham with eight, Garrett Pray with two, Owen Galway with two, Jaymson Bouchard with two and Dylan Andrews with one.

American Aerial 30, Leary & Detroy 25

Connor Cyr led American Aerial in scoring with 12 points, followed by Devin Ouellette with eight points. Not far behind was Jay Robichaud with four, Connor Turcotte with four, and Tiana Avila with two. Jack Pepin led Leary & Detroy with seven points, followed by Mason Robertson with six, Tyler Turcotte with six, Elliot Hill with three, Layla Facchiano with two, and Brycen Fontaine with one.

Aubin Equipment 40, Gendron & Gendron 19

Ishan Reese led Aubin Equipment in scoring with 15 points. Right behind him was Jennifer Chaput with 11 points, Ethan Wieland with six points, Lauren Hodgeman with four, Ryan Bourgoin with two, and Damien Golden with two. Issac Gautier led Gendron & Gendron in scoring with nine points, followed by Jacob Grealish with five, John Gendron, Jr. with two, Reminisce Fournier with two, and Hannah Hall with one.

Pee Wee Division

Elscott Manufacturing, LLC 20, AFD Seal Coating 12

Elscott Manufacturing, LLC: Kai Taylor led the scoring with ten points, followed by Cohen Strachen with six, William Wallingford with two and Kaiden Poulin with two. AFD Seal Coating: Maddison Sanborn led in scoring with four points, followed by Gavin Robitaille with two, Kyle Randall with two, Rebekah Moya with two, and Cedric Makelele with two points.

Roopers 23, North Star Mortgage 14: Roopers: Max Kimble led his team with 11 points, followed by Ian Cyr with four, Liam Gallagher with four, and Logan Norris with four. North Star Mortgage: Henry Walter led his team with six points, followed by Hope Fontaine with four, Benjamin Poulin with two, and Dylan Grealish with two points.

Thatcher’s Restaurant 18, Fire House Grill 17

Thatcher’s: Grady Rowles led in scoring with six points, followed closely by Daymien Goyette with four, and Lauren Cote with four. Also scoring was Lydia Goyette with two and Jack Martel with two. Fire House Grill: Nicholas Beaucage scored all but one point for his team leaving him with 16 points. Luciana Pacheco helped kick in one point in the second quarter.

Androscoggin Title 30, Rowe Auburn 22

Androscoggin Title: Michael Stokes lead the team scoring ten points, followed by Ella Beaudoin with eight, Brooks Beaudry with six, Cayden Ball with four, Cloe Stickney with two. Rowe Auburn: Logan Averill led the scoring with 7 points, followed by Logan Spence with six points, Owen Robertson with four points, Hannah Labbe with three points, and Mackenzie Bryant with two points.

Mac’s Grill 14, M&P Used Auto Parts 11

Mac’s Grill: Jordyn Boulay led the team in scoring with ten points, followed by Zhylis Caouette with four points. M&P Used Auto Parts: Kameron Marcoux led the team by scoring five points, followed by David Clarke with four, and Annabelle Lamontagne with two points.

Rookie Division

Hahnel Bros. 15, Auburn Family Dental 11

Hahnel Bros: Devin Achorn led the team withsix points, followed by Emily Poulin with four, Liam Jones with three and Nathan Parker-Thomas with two points. Auburn Family Dental: Jermaine McCormick led the team with six points, followed by Logan Stout with four, and James Neal with one point.

Dunkin Donuts 27, North Star Mortgage 22

Dunkin Donuts: Nathan Connor led the team in scoring with 17 points, followed by Watson Paradis with six, Charlotte Ranger with two and Nolan Smith with two points. North Star Mortgage: Hayden Avery led the team with nine points, followed by Connor Labrie with five, Adeline Langan with four, Maximus Fontaine with two points and Maxx Bailey with two points.