A meteor streaks across the sky Tuesday, as seen from the Mount Agamenticus webcam in York County.

STANDISH, Maine (WGME) — It’s not New Year’s yet, but the sky is already lighting up as people across New England described seeing a fireball in the sky.

Cameras in Maine captured the flash earlier Tuesday night.

One man who saw it said he was driving home from work with a coworker along Route 114.

He said it looked like a very large ball of what appeared to be fire come shooting out of the sky.

It looked so big he thought a helicopter was on fire.

Many people on social media are claiming they saw the same thing.


According to some posts it was seen all around New England, including Connecticut and Canada.

The man we spoke with said it looked like it had a red tint. He says it looked so big and seemed so close he was almost positive it landed somewhere in Maine, possibly in Sebago Lake. He says he even called the police because he was concerned.

“Yeah, definitely was not expecting to see this giant object on fire falling from the sky,” said Christopher Rideout. “And it felt kind of crazy at first, and felt crazy falling 911 about it, but, you know we didn’t know where it was going. It was very large. Never thought we’d see that.”

Police told Christopher several other people were calling to inform them of the object in the sky and they even went to check it out.


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