With hopefulness, I read the article (Jan. 7) in the Sun Journal about Second District Rep. Bruce Poliquin’s planned political agenda for 2018.

In the past Congressional session, Rep. Poliquin did not share his decisions about important legislation affecting the citizens of the Second District until he voted. Despite many emails, phone calls and visits to his Lewiston office from myself and many others, he has been reluctant to be public about his stands.

Nor did Rep. Poliquin, after repeatedly hearing from myself and many others, hold any town meetings to hear from his constituents on health care, immigration or the tax bills.

I am not surprised, but still disappointed that there seems to be no commitment from Rep. Poliquin to hold town hall meetings in 2018.

I will be attending as many candidate forums during the upcoming election cycle as I can. I will be asking each candidate, including Rep. Poliquin, about their intention to stay connected to the citizens of the Second District — including town hall meetings and a welcoming and open access to their local offices — if elected.

Eileen Fair, Lewiston

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