I am writing in response to the Sun Journal article (Jan. 6) about a bus accident that took place in Bethel. As I was reading the article, I became a little defensive.

First of all, I thank the wonderful bus driver for her quick thinking and for doing what she was trained to do to keep her precious cargo safe. Lynn Billings did a good job.

But the article stated that Julie Berry, mother of two children on the bus, was upset because no ambulance was at the scene. I can understand that, but I am sure that the students were attended to very carefully and thoroughly. That is what bus drivers are trained for.

The article also stated that Berry was upset because bus garage personnel called her, not school administration. What difference does it make? She got a call and the children were safe. The accident could have been deadly. People need to be thankful for everyone involved.

As a retired bus driver, I know that bus drivers care about the safety of the children they carry. Perhaps we should care a bit for the drivers.

Nancy Fournier, Lisbon Falls

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