BRYANT POND (WGME) — Last week’s snow storm caused a lot of havoc, on and off the streets.

A Bryant Pond family thought they had lost a member of their family, after their dog went missing in the blizzard.

During last Thursday’s snow storm, a dog went missing in Bryant Pond, and the family spent days searching for her in freezing temperatures.”

Snow is usually nothing for 13-year-old Sophie, but last week’s blizzard proved too much for her to handle.

Michelle Silver and her husband began plowing the evening of the storm. Sophie ventured out as usual.

“She has her own avenues to get to each place,” Silver said. “She takes little short cuts to see everybody, everybody knows her. She’s everyone’s dog.”


As the snow piled up and the temperatures dropped, Sophie didn’t return. The family says they weren’t too concerned until a day later. They, they imagined the worst.

From then on, search efforts spread.

“We didn’t expect the Facebook post to spread to 2,400 shares, and prayers were coming in from people that we didn’t even know,” Silver said.

On day five, Michelle’s uncle was out plowing a couple of feet away from their home.

Sophie was so deep in the snow, she had to be plowed out. She lost five pounds, but is now recovering at home, safe and sound.

“You don’t realize how much you love someone until you think the worse,” Silver said.

The family says after this snow storm they’ve learned some valuable lessons and haven’t let Sophie out of sight.

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