In the third book in the “Clipper Maine Island Labrador” puppy series, “Clipper and the Village Park Bully,” the hero visits the village park for the first time. Excited to make new friends, he soon discovers he has a lot in common with other puppies. Then the park bully snarls at him.

Clipper’s author, Anita de Laguna Haviland, takes on the bully in the park to help children and parents deal with this serious problem. Being bullied as a child can have harmful, long-term consequences, like being stunted emotionally and socially, she said.

“I couldn’t sit by hearing about all the bully situations in our schools across America,” said Haviland. “I (the book) will show children that there are answers to their situations, that they are not alone, and most importantly that people do care.”

“Everyone has a role to play in combating the epidemic of childhood bullying,” said watercolor artist Ramona du Houx. “I hope my paintings will connect with children so they know they are loved and important to us all.”

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